Producers’ Reel


Narrated by Mr. Fry, as he gives his take on They Call Me Mister Fry which is the  funny, poignant, YET true story of a first year teacher teaching 5th grade in the inner city of Los Angeles. The story tracks the evolution of a teacher from a “buffoon” to a “brilliant and effective teacher” and his relationships with his students. A strong story, wonderful characters, magical presence of King Arthur stepping from the foggy moors, audience participation, a touch of improv, requited and unrequited relationships, a beautiful musical score, powerful multi-media imagery, the enchantment of Camelot, but most importantly, They Call Me Mister Fry has heart.  And it’s the heart that has been winning over audiences year after year and bringing them back to the theater for the 3rd or 4th time.


They Call Me Mister Fry