“They Call Me Mister Fry”

reveals the Joys of Teaching

By Mary Mallory

“They Call Me Mister Fry” presents one year in the teaching life of Jack Freiberger, King Arthur Channeler and balloon animal creator.  Hilarious, but filled with touching moments, the play examines the positive impact that a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher can have on impressionable students.

Hired as a fifth grade teacher in South Central Los Angeles after five years of substitute teaching, Freiberger watches his students endure violence, poverty, and the stress of No Child Left Behind as he attempts t make them feel safe and comfortable with learning.  In particular, he presents the trials of two students—Jasmine, lonely, sad and nervous, and Anthony, a budding hyperactive gangster—as they discover the joys of learning.

Freiberger exudes strong passion for the piece, revealing the inner workings  of character through voice, mannerisms and heart.  He draws in audience both with his expressive performance and his abundant attempts to get them involved in the production.

Director Jeff Michalski’s minimal staging is enhanced by thoughtful lighting and sound effects.

“They Call Me Mister Fry” wonderful reveals how impassioned teachers help students learn both education and how to treat others by taking an interest in their lives.

“They Call Me Mister Fry” plays Saturday, April 19th at 3p at the Whitefire Theater  at 13500 Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks.  Tickets cost $20 Call 310-899-2985.