Mary Anderson’s Testimonial


Dear Jack (Mr. Fry),

Your show in New York was the greatest re-creation of a classroom I have ever seen.  I think every teacher in the country should have the opportunity to see it.  How would that be possible?  Make it into a movie.  You would be doing a service to all teachers. 

Instead of worrying about No Child Left Behind, we can say we have accomplished No Teacher Left Behind.  I have been teaching for almost 45 years and I have never been so impressed by another teacher's representation of what really happens in the classroom. 

I wish that the 60 student-teachers I have supervised over the years could have seen your show.  I am looking forward to seeing you at Lincoln School this fall.  I know you will not want to leave us once you see our school in action.  If you need some summer homework, see if you can answer this question. Which was the first foreign country to recognize the United States of America as a country back in the 1700s? 

Mary Anderson

5th grade teacher

Lincoln Elementary

         Mt. Vernon, NY